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Starting from MediaWiki version 1.1, uploads are initially disabled by default, due to security considerations. Uploads can be enabled via a configuration setting, although it is recommended that you check certain prerequisites first Das Verzeichnis images im MediaWiki-Installationsordner enthält eine .htaccess-Datei mit einigen Konfigurationen. The goal of this file is to make the upload folder more secure, and if you place your upload directory somewhere else, it's recommended to also copy the .htaccess file to the new location, or apply that configuration on the server directly Make sure the file is exactly as you want it. In the sidebar, under tools, click Upload file . Click Browse next to the Source filename: to locate the file on your computer. (The browse button may have a different label depending on your web browser)

In MediaWiki it's possible to allow users to upload images and other files which can then be included on pages. By default, file uploads are disabled. They can initially be enabled during the installation of the application; in the additional options that are available during the installation process there's a setting for that MediaWiki integrates files you upload fairly easily. However, by default the ability to upload files is disabled. In this guide, you can learn how to enable file uploads in MediaWiki Using an FTP client or cPanel's File Manager, locate and edit the file named LocalSettings.php

Upload via drag and drop (if HTML5 is available in browser). Add the file into the edit page as a link. Add the files into the edit page as a gallery. Change the name of the file before uploading Your MediaWiki will need to be capable of hosting media files and creating thumbnails (smaller previews of media files). If you can upload images and see smaller previews on their File page, you're already ready. If not, for full instructions, see Manual:Image administration, particularly image thumbnailing. For GNU/Linux or Mac OS X user

a file of a type that cannot be embedded in a page (for example, a spreadsheet -- assuming the wiki allows such file types to be uploaded at all). a file may be an image that is so large it's only useful on its own page (for example a detailed map). you want to refer the readers to where they can download or replace the file I've installed Mediawiki v1.24.1 on my server which is running RHEL7. I've installed it under /var/www/foohelp/wiki. However, when I try to upload a file, I get the following error: [f3eae72a] The MultiUpload extension allows users to upload more than one file at a time. It also unpacks package files (.zip,.tar,.tar.gz, and.tgz), allowing the files found in the package to be uploaded to the wiki By default, MediaWiki only allows you to upload certain types of files (extensions gif, jpg, jpeg, ogg and png). This is managed by the orders in includes/DefaultSettings.php : /** * This is the list of preferred extensions for uploading files

About MediaWiki. MediaWiki is a free open source wiki software developed by Magnus Manske using the PHP programming language and a MySQL database to store information, and later improved by Lee Daniel Croker. MediaWiki features and ease of use have not only made it very popular, but have turned it into the leading software in its category, and is currently being used on many websites Are there any plugins for the latest version of mediawiki that allow you to upload PDFs and other files? I have one that does images and adds thumbnails but mediawiki does not seem to have something for file uploads First you need to upload the file in the MediaWiki installation into which you want to import the pages. Although you can upload it anywhere on the hosting account on which the particular MediaWiki is installed, for the sake of convenience we'll assume that you'll upload it in the maintenance directory of MediaWiki (that's also where the script for importing pages is located) On the left hand side in the navigation sidebar, click the Upload File link. On the Upload file page, browse for the image you want to upload to your MediaWiki page Egal was ich in der localsettings und defaultsettings einstelle, spätestens beim Upload kommt die Meldung Warnung Die Datei ist beschädigt oder hat eine falsche Datei-Erweiterung. Bitte.

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  1. Enable or disable File uploads in MediaWiki Now the PHP server supports file upload, but you can also control the upload feature in MediaWiki as well. To do that, edit ' LocalSettings.php ' and modify the below property. #To enable Uploads $wgEnableUploads = true
  2. Download Microsoft Office Word Add-in For MediaWiki from Official Microsoft Download Center Microsoft 365 Premium Office apps, extra cloud storage, advanced security, and more—all in one convenient subscriptio
  3. How to: 1) upload image to the MediaWiki site, 2) add image into the article

MediaWiki - Tutorial, Tipps & Tricks Im Januar 2001 wurde ein Projekt gegründet, welches heute als Informationsquelle aus der Internet-Welt nicht mehr weg zu denken ist. Das Lexikon Wikipedia ging zu diesem Zeitpunkt an den Start. Dieses Lexikon basiert auf der Software MediaWiki, die frei zum Download verfügbar ist und mittlerweile nicht nur für Wikipedia, sondern auch für immer. File upload history pages now display thumbnails for every file version; 1.13 2008-08-14 Full release notes, Language support: New special pages: FileDuplicateSearch, ListGroupRights; Special:UserRights and Special:SpecialPages have been redesigned; Hidden category feature: __HIDDENCAT__ on a category page hides the category on the article page Make sure the user has access to the temporary file folder used for uploads (On Windows you need to give the basic User modify access to the PHP temp folder) One reason for this is that something below mediawiki such as PHP or the web server is limiting the size of http requests. See the next question The easy way to completely remove old revisions is to delete the old revisions of the file (the file history has delete links for this), and then have your system administrator remove them from MediaWiki's deleted file store (the deleted/ subdirectory of the images directory). This may cause problems if you try to undelete or otherwise access the deleted revisions of the file, but should. This is the talk page for the upload form for the Other option at Wikipedia:Upload.It is the main upload form.For links to the talk pages for the various other upload pages see the table at the top of Wikipedia talk:Upload. This interface message or skin may also be documented on MediaWiki.org or translatewiki.net. The page forms part of the MediaWiki interface, and can only be edited by.

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How to enable file uploads for my MediaWiki site? Open the MediaWiki configuration file LocalSettings.php and do the following changes: MediaWiki 1.5 or above 723 // If a file with the same name exists locally then the local file has already been teste I'm trying to upload an image (just a random picture for now) to my MediaWiki site, but I keep getting this error: Unrecognized value for parameter 'action': upload Here's what I did (site ur..

WikiPDF is a mediawiki extension based on Wiki2PDF that adds PDF/LaTeX features to mediawiki. Wiki2PDF is a python script to convert multiple articles of a mediawiki based wiki (pre-configured to use with www.wikipedia.org) to a single LaTeX or PDF file UploadBase and subclasses are the backend of MediaWiki's file uploads. The frontends are formed by ApiUpload and SpecialUpload. Stable to extend. Author Brion Vibber Bryan Tong Minh Michael Dale . Definition at line 45 of file UploadBase.php MediaWiki master. Files | Backend for uploading files from previously stored file. file UploadFromUrl.php Backend for uploading files from a HTTP resource. Classes: class AssembleUploadChunksJob Assemble the segments of a chunked upload. More... class PublishStashedFileJob Upload a file from the upload stash into the local file repo. More... class SpecialUpload Form for handling uploads.

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Search How To Upload A Document. Find Options Right Now. Find How To Upload A Document and Get Answers with Us Certain file types, such as .zip, cannot be properly uploaded with the default file-type detection system. If you have problems uploading certain file types, you may need to use an additional file-type detector, named file, with this command File Upload war auf meinem Wiki nicht aktiviert. Ich versuchte zunächst einige alternative Möglichkeiten: Bilder mittels FTP in den Folder mediawiki/images auf dem Server kopieren; Diese Bilder mittels HTML Tags oder auch mittels [[Image:]] einbetten ; Was ich auch immer probierte, es funktionierte nicht. Dann wagte ich mich daran die File Upload Funktion meines Wiki zu aktivieren. I have a mediawiki set up on an IIS7 server. It was set up as described in the manual. I activated file upload as described here.I think I've got the folder permissions right: modify-read-write for the IIS_IUSRS group on the images subdir of the mediawiki install. My php.ini also allows file uploads.. When I try to upload a png image, I can see a temporary file with a name of phpF267.tmp being.

MediaWiki:Fileuploaded. Jump to navigation Jump to search. File $1 uploaded successfully! Please follow this link: $2 to the description page and fill in information about the file, such as where it came from, when it was created and by whom, and anything else you may know about it. Also, choose an image copyright tag and add it to the description page if you did not do so in the upload. Upload import . How to export, and the format of exported pages, is described at Help:Export. Normally any user can export wiki pages to a file, but to import pages into a wiki from a file, you must have 'Sysop' privileges on that wiki. So if you have your own MediaWiki installation, then you should be able to see the 'Special:Import' page there

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MediaWiki Manual Installation Guide; Upload the MediaWiki file that you downloaded to your web server via FTP. Log into your server via SSH, then decompress the file on the server. Confirm that the MediaWiki files are in your domain's web directory. You may need to copy them from a newly-created mediawiki-x.xx.x directory to the root directory If you use PHP's open_basedir and want to allow file uploads, you need to include /var/lib/mediawiki/ (mediawiki symlinks images/ to /var/lib/mediawiki/). Web server Apach We have to upload a lot of virtual box images witch are between 1G and 6G. So i would prefer to use ftp for upload and then include the files in mediawiki. Is there a way to do this? Currently I use a jailed ftp user who can upload to a folder and then use the UploadLocal extension to include the files If the user does not supply all necessary information in the first upload form submission (either by accident or by design) then we may want to stash the file temporarily, get more information, and publish the file later

Is it possible to upload Flash files to MediaWiki (altering the LocalSettings.php file that's mentioned in the Help article)? If yes, is it possible to embed them in articles? I don't believe it is possible right now (as of 1.5 beta1), but I've heard of people who have hacked the appropriate areas to make swf files appear in the proper media tag instead of the image tags like regular images. MediaWiki:UploadFormDestFileHint: Name of the file at Commons after the upload. Use a descriptive file name ().MediaWiki:UploadFormSourceHint: Where does this file come from? (MediaWiki:UploadFormAuthorHint: Who created this file? Also, if it shows some artwork, who created that See discussion at MediaWiki talk:Uploadtext.) and reverted by User:Rdsmith4 (this makes no sense in the absence of an alternative reading Upload file (with wizard). I can't find the wizard; this label is confusing.) Having two links saying 'Upload file', which is the status quo, is a confusing thing to d

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  1. Media in category MediaWiki upload form The following 54 files are in this category, out of 54 total. 7896345623437245.JPG 667 × 275; 39 KB. Choose-license-image-another.png 902 × 557; 61 KB. Choose-license-image.png 925 × 522; 61 KB. Commons new upload form - German.jpg 753 × 523; 127 KB. Commons upload form 1.png 1,004 × 621; 155 KB. Commons upload form 2.png 1,081 × 664; 162 KB.
  2. MediaWiki is a free software wiki package written in PHP, originally for use on Wikipedia. It is now used by several other projects of the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation and by many other wikis, including this website, the home of MediaWiki
  3. How to manage file uploads and images in MediaWiki. MediaWiki can be configured so that users are allowed to upload files by using a form on the frontend of the site. You can allow them to upload images and other file types. Images can be embedded on pages and/or links can be added to them or to other file types. In this article we'll review some of the basic options and tasks related to file.
  4. Enabling Media / File Uploads For MediaWiki on Windows Server; Enable PHP File Uploads Check that file_uploads = On is present in your PHP.ini file. It was already enabled in my installation. If you have followed the other guides in this series, the file should be here : C:\Program Files (x86)\PHP\v5.4\php.ini. Set the temp file upload path in PHP.ini. On Windows, if PHP was installed by.
  5. utes to read; In this article. by Steve Jacobson. This is a set of sample files you could use with MediaWiki and the Web Deployment tool for deploying MediaWiki on IIS. The files are annotated with comments that explain specific lines in the files you'll need to customize for your configuration. MediaWiki has an installation routine that takes care of.
  6. How to Upload Files in Wikipedia. Images at Wikipedia play a big role. It helps readers to understand better the article written. Another use of images is putting them on user/talk pages. Go to Wikipedia language page. Choose the language..
  7. The upload is an exact duplicate of the current version of a file warning in the MediaWiki Upload Wizard (24 D. 04 M. 2019 A.).png 1,920 × 1,080; 366 KB The upload wizard on Wikimedia Commons.jpg 5,184 × 3,456; 6.41 M

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Figure 3: Example of MediaWiki page with file uploads enabled. After uploading a .PDF file, the thumb.php source file is used to create a thumbnail and resize images that are used when a web browser requests the file. The PdfHandler is a handler called by thumb.php for viewing PDF files in image mode. You can call it with the width, height, etc. parameters to manipulate the thumbnail. Upload a new version of this file MediaWiki:Edit-externally: Edit this file using an external application MediaWiki:Edit-externally-help: See the setup instructions for more information. In the Links section of a Image page: MediaWiki:Imagelinks: Links MediaWiki:Linkstoimage: The following pages link to this file: In the Metadata section of a Image page: MediaWiki:metadata-help: This file. The MediaWiki namespace is a namespace containing the text to be displayed in certain places in the interface. Only administrators and interface editors can edit pages in this namespace, but all editors can propose changes on appropriate talk pages. Overview. The MediaWiki namespace allows administrators and interface editors to customise or translate the MediaWiki web interface. Some messages. Download MediaWiki for free. MediaWiki is the collaborative editing software that runs Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, and other projects. MediaWiki is no longer distributed via SourceForge, for downloads and other information please visit www.mediawiki.org

English: A screenshot of Notepad++ v7 (64-bit, 7.0), a free/libre text editor running on the Windows 10 operating system. Depicted is the source code of MediaWiki version 1.27.1, a free wiki application. Multiple files are readable side-by-side in split window mode. The autocomplete feature is suggesting to finish typing the function name to in_array, among other similarly named functions Upload the highest resolution file that is possible. Only upload file types which Commons accepts (SVG, PNG, JPG, GIF, Ogg, DjVu,). Photographs of identifiable people taken without their consent may not be acceptable, depending on the context and where the photograph was taken MediaWiki talk:Titleblacklist-forbidden-upload/sandbox Jump to navigation Jump to search. The Jump to navigation Jump to search. The file you were trying to upload ($2) cannot be uploaded because the file name selected matches an entry $1 on the local or global blacklist. Please choose a different filename and try again. Make sure the filename you chose matches the naming convention at. Send a line to a supplementary debug log file, if configured, or main debug log if not

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Archive of MediaWiki .ZIM Files. The ZIM file format is an open file format that stores wiki content for offline usage. Its primary focus is the contents of Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects MediaWiki:Fileuploaded. Zur Navigation springen Zur Suche springen. Die Datei $1 wurde erfolgreich hochgeladen. Bilder ohne Lizenzangabe werden ohne Rückfrage gelöscht. Bitte trage auf der Beschreibungsseite $2 den Urheber und.

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  1. MediaWiki allows us to upload a file. In that page, there are some information for how to link to file after upload. But this guide will split that into some more cases, depending on what you want users to see. I will use a file named Example.jpg as an example. Make sure you use correct file name ;) If the link to a file comes from inside this wiki (or from Wikimedia Commons) If you want to.
  2. Next message: [mediawiki-users] Help with file uploads/upload settings Messages sorted by: Hi, I'm having trouble changing or moving the target directory for files uploaded to my departmental wiki site. The help ticket I initially submitted is pasted below and is followed by the response, which was helpful in its way but which, short of giving me enough information to actually fix the problem.
  3. I am having a problem with MediaWiki when I try to upload a jpg file or any other file. The message is: The file you uploaded seems to be empty. This might be due to a typo in the filename. Please check whether you really want to upload this file. All the rest is working properly I am using a virtual machine. SME 8.0 fully updated, lot of RAM.

Ich versuche im Moment mediawiki mit nginx zum laufen zu kriegen. MySQL steht und funktioniert. PHP ist ebenfalls installiert. Allerdings scheitert es im Moment an der richtigen Konfiguration von Nginx. Anscheinend sind die configs im Wiki nicht mehr aktuell. Hier der Auszug fuer das mediawiki aus meiner nginx.conf: server { listen 80; server_name mediawiki; root /usr/share/webapps/mediawiki. How To Upload Images on Media Wiki You are viewing the Demo of MediaWiki | Note: File uploads are disabled on demos server for security reasons Please mail your feedback at demos[at]softaculous[dot]com Admin Panel: Admin Username: Admin Password This change is needed in Arabic as well, because MediaWiki:Upload is the message that is used with the link and MediaWiki:Uploadbtn is used for the upload button after choosing a certain file. It's like Upload a file vs. Upload the file.--O sama K 11:46, 3 February 2012 (UTC) to avoid weird menu items when using the uselang hack Can.

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MediaWiki:Fileuploaded. Skočit na navigaci Skočit na vyhledáván í. Soubor $1 byl úspěšně načten.. When files are uploaded to MediaWiki, a page is created for that file in the File namespace, using the filename of the file as the title of the page. For example, the page for MySillyFace.jpg would be called File:MySillyFace.jpg, assuming the user does not change the filename in MediaWiki's upload dialog to something like File:MySexyFace.jpg. Semantic Forms normally requires the name of a. Upload the MediaWiki Files to your Server. When the download is complete, uncompress the.tar file. You can use the following command to uncompress the file on a Linux-based system: Copy. tar -xvzf mediawiki-*.tar.gz For a Windows-based system, you can use do the same using an extracting tool like WinZip or 7-Zip. Once the extraction is complete you will have a folder named MediaWiki-*. Note. Uploading Files - Mediawiki. From Help Wiki. Jump to:navigation, search. Helpwiki » Web Publishing » Mediawiki » Uploading Files - Mediawiki. Before you can Embed images into a wiki page, the image must already be uploaded to the wiki. Upload a file. From the Tools dropdown choose Upload file; Locate the file to upload on your local system and select Open; Scroll to the bottom of the page.

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In mediawiki, using api i can upload a file. its getting fine . But it will upload only logged in. i need to customize without anybody can upload a file . I know without cannot able to. Hi Ryan, If I understand the problem correctly, you are not able to access the files you've uploaded through MediaWiki. You can upload them, but then you can't view them through the web. The problem is as stated in the HelpSU response, but there is a second solution that does not require moving your wikiupload directory (unless you really want to). Details follow. Here's the problem. You have. -----Original Message----- From: medi...@lists.wikimedia.org [mailto:mediawiki-l-bounces at lists.wikimedia.org] On Behalf Of Mike Sent: Friday, May 11, 2007 6:24 AM To: MediaWiki announcements and site admin list Subject: [Mediawiki-l] File upload help Thanks alot! That got the upload file link working for me, now I'm having another problem. I want to be able to upload files with the. This file is used in the documentation of a MediaWiki extension. Please refrain from deleting it unless absolutely necessary to prevent MediaWiki documentation problems or missing images on third-party wikis utilizing MediaWiki.org documentation. It should only be deleted after finding (or uploading) a suitable replacement. If the file does not.

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Files for mediawiki-utilities, version 0.4.18; Filename, size File type Python version Upload date Hashes; Filename, size mediawiki-utilities-.4.18.tar.gz (47.8 kB) File type Source Python version None Upload date Sep 10, 2015 Hashes Vie {{aboutfile |1=Subject of the image |2=Where you found the image |3=Artist |4=Describe edits, if any |5=Other versions (use file link) }} {{uncategorized} # 5. mediawiki.zip: A zip file of /var/www/mediawiki entirely (just in case we have other media or config stuff we need) # This procedure shows how to get these files, and then upload them off the remote machine using Dropbox Upload of import file failed; perhaps the file is bigger than the allowed upload size. I have checked phpinfo which shows upload_max_filesize as being 8MB. post_max_size is also 8MB. I don't know where these are set as I don't see them in the httpd.conf file in usr/local/apache/con 3 Hyperlinks TherearetwotypesofhyperlinksinMediaWiki:internal,alsocalledwikilinks,andexternal. 3.1 Internalhyperlinks Task Markup Note Internalhyperlink [[keyword]

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This task is about MediaWiki's core codebase. One of the errors that people run into when setting up new MediaWiki installations i By default the MediaWiki file upload option has a description text box and not anything else. But I, as an admin, could add some custom fields like author and archived date to the file upload page so that the file they upload will have some meaningful fields? I couldn't find any extension to do so. Is there any way that I can achieve this? mediawiki uploading. share | improve this question. Aklapper renamed this task from Add file hash to action=info to Add the file hash value (sha1) to the action=info page for files uploaded in MediaWiki. Dec 6 2017, 5:26 PM Aklapper triaged this task as Low priority Setup Mediawiki Upload Files on AWS S3. From Bonus Bits. Jump to: navigation, search. Contents. 1 Purpose; 2 Prerequisites; 3 Setup and Mount S3 Bucket; 4 Copy Existing Files to S3; 5 Config Mediawiki; 6 Troubleshooting; 7 Sources; Purpose. This article gives the steps to setup Mediawiki to use Amazon Web Services Simple Storage Solution (S3) as it's file repository. This can enable a High.

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A good book! It's a nice overview of wiki editing and administration, with pointers to handy extensions and further online documentation.-Brion Vibber, Chief Technical Officer, Wikimedia Foundation This book is filled with practical knowledge based on experience. It's not just spouting some party line.-Rob Church, a developer of MediaWiki MediaWiki is the world's most popular wiki platform. The LocalSettings.php file is located under the directory where your MediaWiki is installed. If it is installed directly in the public_html, this file will also be there. If it is installed in a subdirectory of the public_html, the file will be located in the subdirectory I am working on to uploading Video files on Mediawiki and embed to page but not getting success. I tried plugin like MediaPlayer and HTML5Player but these plugins seems having extension limitation as i need to embed files like .wmv, .mpg etc. I am using mediawiki1.17 and CentOS5.8 x64 bit Please help me to get this don

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mediawiki-extensions-WikiDexFileRepository. Custom file repository that adds some virtual paths to file URLs, so they can be cached more efficiently (generating sort of permanent URLs), and change when a new version of the file is uploaded (using the file timestamp). This extension requires custom rewrite rules on the web server to work Upload file to MediaWiki using Ruby Mechanize. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets MediaWiki on IIS. 01/14/2008; 3 minutes to read; In this article. by Eric Woersching. Introduction. The following sections describe how to install and configure MediaWiki for use with FastCGI on Windows Server® 2008. This document assumes that you have completed the setup and configuration of the FastCGI extension and PHP libraries as described here.. The instructions have been tested and. If you are calling an API function which requires a file upload, e.g. import or upload, specify the file to upload as an arrayref containing the local filename. The API may return a warning, for example to say the file is a duplicate. To ignore warnings and force an upload, use ignorewarnings => 1. All the parameters as with everything else can be found on the MediaWiki API page Files for django-mediawiki-auth, version 0.0.2; Filename, size File type Python version Upload date Hashes; Filename, size django_mediawiki_auth-..2-py3-none-any.whl (6.6 kB) File type Wheel Python version 3.5 Upload date Jul 31, 201

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Furthermore, the upload is tested against SQLStore and SPARQLStore with a real upload process [0]. Having the complete stack trace would help in guessing where `Exporter::getDataItemExpElement` is called from MediaWiki. From Wikibooks, open books for an open world. Jump to navigation Jump to search. This is a disambiguation page, a list of books or pages that otherwise might share the same title. If a page link referred you here, you might want to go back and fix it to point directly to the intended page. Books related to MediaWiki—the software that runs Wikipedia and Wikibooks: Editing Wikitext. MediaWiki yito paket perangkat lunak wiki u pake-pake lisensi GNU General Public License. MediaWiki botiya perangkat lunak u pilohutuliyo secara khusus pomake to Wikipedia wawu proyek-proyek uwewoliyo lonto Wikimedia Foundation, dabo masatiya maa hepomake lo tawu daata.. MediaWiki pilohutuliyo lomake PHP wolo texvc untuk proses render simbol-simbol matematika, wawu lopohuna sistem manajemen. BlueSpice erweitert MediaWiki um weitere Funktionalität Upload weiterer Dateiformate. Defaultmäßig können nur wenige Dateiformate hoch geladen werden, beispielsweise .doc, .docx, .xls und .pdf. Wenn Sie weitere Dateiformate benötigen, sehen Sie sich an: Manual:Configuring file uploads/de. Falls die dort beschriebene Vorgehensweise nicht funktioniert, können Sie die benötigten. What is MediaWiki-Vagrant? MediaWiki-Vagrant is a (slightly less) lightweight, (but very) reproducible, and portable development environment for MediaWiki related projects. Lightweight $ git clone $ ./setup.sh $ vagrant up Clone the MW-Vagrant repo, setup, and go. Reproducible Puppet provisioner transitions the state from a stock Ubuntu image to a fully functional MediaWiki environment.

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Access-restricted-item true Addeddate 2015-03-19 14:09:42.798632 Bookplateleaf 0004 Boxid IA1138408 Camera Canon EOS 5D Mark II City Sebastapool, Calif. Containeri mediawiki unable to upload files, but no errors. Ask Question Asked 6 years, 4 months ago. Active 6 years, 4 months ago. Viewed 159 times -1. I have a 64-bit, CentOS 6.4 server running Apache 2 and MediaWiki 1.21.2 (upgraded from a 1.19 install from another server, but the problem did not exist there). The problem is that users cannot upload new files to the server and I'm not getting any. This is the incremental dump files for MediaWiki.org that is generated by the Wikimedia Foundation on July 31, 2020 Installing MediaWiki on Windows Server 2012 R2 Core; Installing VisualEditor for MediaWiki on IIS; Enabling Media / File Uploads For MediaWiki on Windows Server; Enable PDF Filetype for Upload to MediaWiki Edit your LocalSettings.php file (usually found at the root of your MediaWiki install) - add the following lines at the end of the file I'm running a private mediawiki server on a Gentoo Linux box with Apache, PHP and Postgresql-9.0. Sometimes when one of us tries to upload a PDF file (that's the only type I've ever seen it happen.

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